Healthy Living Expo 2010

Seminars Schedule

Starting Time
Peace Corner Seminars   講座 ADP Room Seminars   講座
11:00AM 白內障和青光眼的關係 - 盧瑛醫生 (普通話)
Relationship between Cataract & Glaucoma (Mandarin)
by Dr. Ying Lu, Ophthalmologist
Naturopathic Medicine for You & Your Children:
Weight Management and Cardiovascular Disease (English)
by Dr. Ian Koo, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
12:00PM Taking Care of Your Heart: Tips for a Healthier You (English)
by keynote speaker, Dr. Anil Gupta, Cardiologist
Trillium Health Centre
1:00PM Confronting Adversity from a mental health perspective (English)
by Dr. Ted Lo
乳癌診斷和治療 - 田國樑醫生 (粵語)
Breast Cancer - Screening & Treatment (Cantonese)
by Dr. Lancelot Tin, General Surgeon
The Credit Valley Hospital
2:00PM Healthy Eating with Diabetes for the whole Family (English)
by Uma Sebastiampillai, Registered Dietitian
糖尿病 - 任重遠師傅 (粵語)
Diabetes from TCM and Qi-Gong perspective (Cantonese)
by Master Yam
3:00PM Osteoporosis: The Silent Thief (English)
by Dr. Marla Shapiro
Host of 'Balance: Television of Living Well'
中醫養生保健與食療 - 張颖中醫師 (普通話)
Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Care & Diet Plan (Mandarin)
by Dr. Ellen Zhang
4:00PM Heart Health and Prevention (English)
by Corey Evans
Director of the BODiWORKS Centre
音樂治療身心啟迪之旅 - 廖郭嘉穎 (粵語)
Journey to Healthy Living - An Introduction to Music Therapy (Cantonese)
by Karen Kwok, Reg. Music Therapist
5:00PM 關節炎食療指南 - 容穎姸註冊營養師 (粵語)
Nutrition and Arthritis (Cantonese)
by Winnie Yung, Registered Dietitian
Understanding the Police Response to Domestic Violence (English)
by Sergeant Richard Hawes

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